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Bogota Brilliance: the most informative and widely viewed website around the world about beautiful Bogota, Colombia.


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Talking About a Revolution

Photo By: A. Chaparro


Colombian independence was constructed by men and women who strived for a country free from the shackles of Spanish imperialism. The movement brought together disparate personalities, one of whom was the widely respected intellectual military leader Antonio Nariño. But Nariño wasn’t only a revolutionary, he was also a politician, journalist and the translator of the Declarations of the Rights of Man and the Citizen, which signaled a monumental paradigm shift in South America. Actor / writer Fabian Zarta has taken inspiration from this most inspiring of men and presents the multi-faceted leader in a monologue, aptly titled Nariño, enjoying a limited run in Bogota.


Bogota Brilliance spoke with Zarta about his inspiration, Nariño’s relevance today and working between New York and Bogota:




VerVena Rocks the Foundation

Photo: Felipe Vanegas

Did you feel a bit of a shake on the night of July 1st? It wasn’t an earthquake, it was the vibration of Colombia’s newest rock sensation, VerVena bringing down the house during an intimate launch that brought out some of the country’s top names in entertainment, business and culture. Fronted by the charismatic David Palmer, the band performed with vigor and force, driving each song with a combustible energy.


Palmer, displaying sinewy moves, got the crowd of over 200 guests on their feet and jumping with a wide-ranging voice that hit the depths of gravel toned screams and climbed to great heights as he sang in perfect English and Spanish. The connection between Palmer and drummer Danny Contreras, Bassist Kevin Machado, Lead Guitarist Esteban Rodriguez and Guitarist JuanTwo was palpable as the music pulsated, each number stronger than the last. It is remarkable that VerVena, formed by Toby de Lys, the band's manager, sounds like a band that has been together for years even though they have only been playing with one another for a couple of months.


Making an impressive debut, VerVena will be on the scene for a long time coming. Watch out for news of their major launch event sometime soon.





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Bogota Brilliance

Welcome to the most comprehensive multilingual source of information about Bogota, an extraordinary world centre of culture now also becoming the business capital of Latin America.


 Move over New York, Paris and London, Bogota has arrived and is now the World Culture Capital of the New Millennium!
Bogota – The Illuminating City Revealed
Over the centuries Bogota has been known by many names, commencing with Bacata, capital of the Muisca nation, where legends of gilded deities enticed foreigners to a faraway land they called El Dorado, an enchanted country of gold, destined to become the cornerstone and catalyst for the European Renaissance.  The luster of Bacata, along with its highly advanced culture, metamorphosed into Bogota, a European-style city, which so zealously embraced the principles of the Enlightenment and Democracy that it soon became known as the Athens of the Americas.   
Bogota  in the News:




Bogota Brilliance in El Tiempo - Colombia's Leading Daily Newspaper


Colombia has long been known as the Land of Poets, and Bogota – capital of a nation where prose, poetry and lyricism are part of the people’s genetic code – has inspired many of the world’s great literary voices.
Bogota’s astonishing cultural patrimony has been the powerful key to the transformation of this ancient city into a formidable vortex of culture.  The cacophony of past, present and future styles of international and Colombian music, art, theatre, dance, literature, fashion, craft, gastronomy, science and technology have fused, giving rise to the World Culture Capital of the New Millennium –Bogota.
In Colombia, one of the few countries on Earth considered by many to have the least prejudice-prone society, we are happy to report that on August 30, 2011, the Colombian congress passed a law which would punish anyone convicted of discriminatory acts of violence with jail terms from between one to two years of prison.
The Colombian constitution emancipated the slaves upon the founding of the republic in 1810, and Colombians have enjoyed the second oldest constitutional democracy in the world (after the USA).  Colombia is a nation of great ethnic and racial diversity that includes a 10.5% afro-descent population, but it has long been known as a land where racial prejudice was never allowed to flourish.
In recent times, Colombian society has been unfortunately influenced by the prejudices from abroad, and the neo-Nazi groups that have take root may now be considered illegal here.  The new law protects people living in Colombia from discrimination based on race, ethnicity, religion, nationality, political ideology or philosophy, sex or sexual orientation.
"Bogota is Poetry" - André Maurois
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All Hail the Queen! Royal Evenings in Parque 93



Bogota’s nightlife has just been crowned by Queen Victoria, a sleek new space that sits high in the sky near the buzzy Parque 93. Opened at the beginning of May on the top floor of the former Hotel Avia, now owned and operated by the GHL group, Queen Victoria set-sail to much fanfare and excitement. Produced by some of the socios that created Chelsea at the Bioxury, Queen Victoria evokes the glamour and luxury of a first-class passenger ship from the 1930s. Sleek lines, open sky and steamer trunks set the stage for wonderful cocktails and fantastic music spun by Colombian and international DJs. 


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