April 2017 Events in Bogota

8 to 15 – Festival: Festibienal de Teatro

Some of Bogota’s most important independent theater companies present over 100 performances of their best works.


Various locations and times. See above link.


10 – Theater: Cartografías de la espera: Cátedra Pliegues 2017

CÁTEDRA DE INVESTIGACIÓN SOBRE DRAMATURGIAS SONORAS PARA EL TEATRO / Canadá is the last stage of an investigation into the relationship between the sound and performancee process in theater and dramatic writing.


7:00 p.m.


Carrera 8 B No. 57 – 32


12 to 15 – Festival – Festival Musica Clasica de Bogota

A wide-ranging celebration of classical music will be performed in different venues across Bogota, with Russian composers being the focus.


See above link for details.


13 to 23: Theater: Festival de Anhelo 2017

El Anhelo de Salmon presents an exciting program of Samuel Beckett’s masterworks, classes and seminars.


See above link for details.


17 to (May 2) – Festival: 7 Festival de Teatro de Los Andes

The seventh version of the theater festival hosted by La Facultad de Artes y Humanidades and Cultura Uniandes de la Decanatura de Estudiantes - Uniandes. The inauguration event will include performances throughout the campus and includes a celebration of Earth Day with the group Fuerza para la Tierra.

The opening performance, Cuerpo de Agua a Ritmo de Mestizaje is an interdisciplinary production that includes live music, ancestral dance, bio-drama, circus and plastic arts.


Free Entry

Calle 19 A No. 1 – 37 Este Bloque P1


19 - Exhibit: Diseño de interiores

Interior Design can be applied to buildings, spaces, bodies and minds as reflected by the works in this exhibit. Artists: Sebastián Carrasco, Natalia Gutierrez, Gabriel Garzón, Thomas Moore, Diego Reyes, Carmen Triana and Sabina Velandia.

7:00 p.m.

Galeria Espacio Alterno – Uniandes

Calle 92 No. 16 – 11


20 – Exhibit: Tormenta 

A group show that explores the phenomenon of the storm as a metaphor of two ways of seeing the world that unites or contrasts with nature and technology.

Curator: Caridad Botella
Artists: William Aparicio, Atractor, Karen Aune, Sergio Bedoya, Juan Cortés, Iván Herrera, Raúl Marroquín, Andrés Moreno, Sandra Rengifo y Danilo Rojas.

7:00 p.m.

Casa Hoffmann
Carrera 3 No. 63 – 68


22 – Festival: El Sarasvati – un festival, tres artes

A new festival celebrating music, plastic and performance arts.

3:00 p.m. to 3:00 a.m.


Revolution Bar

Calle 74 No. 15 – 61

See above link for details


24 to (May 5) – Gastronomy: Bogota Food Week

Enjoy this chance to try out different restaurants for a set price menu at lunch and dinner.

See above link for details


25 to 27 - Fashion: Bogota Fashion Week

The exciting event features 35 Colombian designers and runway shows, pop-up shops, networking opportunites, talks and much more.



25 to (May 8) – Fair: Feria Internacional del Libro

Celebrating 30 years of international authors, speakers and performers. This year France will take a special place of honor amongst the distributors, signings and lectures.


See above link for details


28 – Happening : La Noche Blanca

A celebration of French poetry, theatre, food, music and more.


7:00 p.m. to Midnight

Libreria Lerner

Carrera 11 No. 93 A – 43

Free Entry