Museums in Bogota

*indicate the museums that are free on the last Sunday of every month - some are free all of the time
Biblioteca Carlos Lleras Restrepo / Carlos Lleras Restrepo Library and House
The house and library of ex-President Lleras Restrepo (who received U.S. President and Mrs. John F. Kennedy when they visited Bogota).
Calle 70 A No. 7 – 25/37
Tel.: 212.8828
Casa de la Moneda / Numismatic House
A treasure for numismatics where you can view a collection showing the evolution of Colombian currency, in addition to special exhibits. 
Calle 11 No. 4 - 93
Tel.: 343.1358

Casa Museo Antonio Nariño / Antonio Nariño’s House Museum  
This was the house of one of the founding fathers of Colombian independence, publisher of seminal works The Rights of Man and the Citizen and The Patriot.  The house is located in the Parque Ciudad Montes.
Calle 10 Sur No. 39-29
Tel.: 203.0025
Casa Museo Francisco Jose de Caldas /
Francisco Jose de Caldas’ House Museum* 
Escuela de Ingenieros Militares
Carrera 8 No. 6 - 87
Tel.: 289.6275 / 289.6275 / 446.9060 ext. 165

Casa Museo Jorge Eliécer Gaitán / Jorge Eliécer Gaitán’s House Museum*
The museum is part of the national patrimony and was the home of one of Colombia’s most important and influential figures of the 20th Century, Jorge Eliécer Gaitán the Liberal party’s candidate for the Presidency.  The museum exhibits the train car Gaitán used to travel the country, in addition to personal objects and documents.
Universidad Nacional de Colombia
Calle 42 No. 15 - 23
Tel.: 572.0070 / 232.7409

Casa Museo del 20 de Julio 1810 “Casa del Florero” / July 20, 1810 Museum “Flower Pot House” *
This house is where the breakage of a flower pot set off the battle for independence from Spain.  Housing the most comprehensive collection of objects and documents related to the battle for Independence, which was declared on July 20, 1810. 
Calle 11 No. 6 - 94
Tel.: 334.4150

Casa Museo Quinta de Bolivar / Bolivar’s House Museum*
The house and extensive gardens of The Great Liberator, Simon Bolivar, showcasing what his daily life might have been like.  An exhibit of antique canons is also on display.
Calle 20 No. 2 - 91 Este Las Aguas
Tel.: 284.6819
Casa Poesia Silva / Silva Poetry House*
The house of Jose Asuncion Silva, one of Colombia’s most important poets, serves primarily as an extensive library specializing in Colombian poetry.  Poetry recitals, lectures and readings are given in the house’s intimate theatre.  A very special feature of the Casa Poesia Silva is the impressive collection of over 7,000 volumes of poetry and 2500 hours of verses recorded on tape and available for your listening pleasure.  The store sells volumes of international poetry, magazines, videos and posters. 
Calle 14 No. 3 -41
Tel.: 286.5710
Casa Ricardo Gómez Campuzano / Ricardo Gómez Campuzano House and Library
On display are some of the materials used to create the exhibited works of Colombian master, Ricardo Gómez Campuzano, in addition to art by other masters.
Calle 80 No. 8 – 66
Tel.: 255.5760  / Library: 210.0816
Cementario Central / Central Cemetary*
Bogota’s first cemetery, the chapel was built in 1839 and the portal was designed in 1910.
Calle 26 No. 16 – 71

Centro de Memoria Histórica

The keeper of Colombia’s collective memory, the Centro is a national public institution that was created as part of the Department for Social Prosperity to collect documentary material, oral testimony and other media regarding violations of people during the various conflicts in Colombia. The information is made available to stakeholders, researchers and the general public through museum activities and educational outreach to provide and enrich the knowledge of the social and political history of Colombia.

Tel.: 796 5060
Carrera 6 Nº 35 - 29

Cinemateca Distrital Centro Cultural Jorge Eliécer Gaitán*
Carrera 7 No. 22 – 79
Tel.: 284.5549 / 284.8076
Claustro San Augustín / Cloister of St. Augustin*
Built in the late eighteenth century (ca. 1733), the Cloister was declared a national monument in 1975.
Carrera 8 No. 7 – 21
Coleccion Carlos Ferryros Díaz / Carlos Ferryros Díaz Collection
200 pieces of archealogical interest.
Calle 70 A No. 11 – 48
Tel.: 212.3348

Coleccion Numismatica / Numismatic Collection*
Calle 11 No. 4 – 93
Tel.: 343.1212   

Donacion Botero / Botero’s Donation*
The antique building houses an extensive collection of Fernando Botero’s sculptures and paintings, and impressive works by Colombian and international masters from the artist’s personal collection. 
Calle 11 No. 4 – 41
Tel.: 343.1212

El Museo de Artes Visuales de la Universidad Jorge Tadeo Lozano / The Museum of Visual Arts at the Universidad Jorge Tadeo Lozano
A showcase of projects submitted by students, faculty, alumni and institution staff, as well as exhibitions of prominent national and international artists.
Carrera 4 No. 22 – 40
Teléfono: 242.7030 ext. 3102

El Museo del Espacio / The Space Museum
Visitors can explore the universe in six rooms: Big Bang; the Hall of Galaxies and the Milky Way; The Hall of the Stars and Constellations; The Hall of the Solar System and Planets and Living on Planet Earth.
Second Floor of the Planetarium
Calle 8 # 8 - 52
Bogotá Colombia
Tel.: 379.5750

El Museo Literario Yerbabuena / Yerbabuena Literary Museum*
Manuscripts, paintings, engravings and personal belongings of notable figures from 19th Century Colombia.
Km 24 Autopista Central del Norte
Tel.: 865.0374 / 865.0378
Exposicón El Hombre / Exposition of Man
The exhibit includes over 200 pieces from the natural sciences, biology and anatomy, including a display of human discetions that can be viewed from every angle.
Calle 23 A No. 18 – 90
Tel.: 341.2128
Exposicion de Hospital San Juan de Dios / St. John of God Hospital Exposition*
Founded in 1723, this architecturally interesting public health center has also served as a research center.  The hospital was also the first plastic surgery center in Bogota, housed the Institure of Immunology and is where the first malaria vaccine was developed. 
Avenida Calle 1 with Avenida 10

Fotomuseo – Museo Nacional de la Fotagrafia / National Museum of Photography
The museum organizes exhibits in various spaces throughout Bogota.
Avenida Calle 19 No. 3 – 50 Tower A, Offfice 602
Tel.: 282.7615

Fundacion Museo de los Años 40 / Foundation of Museum of the 1940s*
The museum describes the process of migration from the countryside to the city, focusing on the period between the 1860s and 1970, with special emphasis on the role of women during this stage of history.
Carrera 24 B No. 20 – 58 Sur
Tel.: 366.1085

Iglesia San Antonio de Padua / St. Anthony de Padua Church*
Spanish Colonial religious art
Avenida Caracas No. 4 – 91

Iglesia Museo Santa Clara / St. Clara Church*
Paintings, sculptures, altarpieces and murals from the 17th and 18th Centuries.  Interior details of the temple include the dome painted in tempera on wood, the great mural arc that divides the chancel from the nave and the walls covered with wood veneer with gilded carvings.
Carrera 8 No. 8 - 91
Tel.: 341.6017

Instituto Geofísico Universidad Javeriana /
Geophysical Institute of Javeriana University
Over 1300 objects from Natural Science, Geology and Minerology
Carrera 7 No. 40 – 62, 6th Floorff
Tel.: 320.8320

La Puerta Real
A replica of the typical living quarters of a Bogota Cachaco, or Gentlemen, from 1940s Bogota. Traditional food and cocktails are also served.
Calle 10 No. 2 – 82
Tel.: 283.0563

Maloka Centro Interactivo de Ciencia y Tecnologia /
Maloka Interactive Center of Science and Technology*
A space for the entire family to explore the universe and technology with permanent and special interactive exhibits.
Carrera 68D No. 40A - 51
Tel.: 427.2707 Ext. 1305
Museo Aeroespacial / Aerospace Museum
Visitors can explore the history of the Colombian Air Force (one of the oldest in the world) with the exhibit of aircraft, Colombia;s first presidential jet and related memorabilia.   
Avenida Calle 26 No. 120 – 00 Base Aérea Brigadier General (H) Camilo Daza Álva
Tel.: 439.7800

Museo de Anatomía de la Universidad El Bosque /
Museum of Anatomy of the El Bosque University
Used primarily by University students, the museum concentrates on dissection technology and demonstrations.
Carrera 7 B Bis No. 132 – 11 Building B
Tel.: 648.9000

Museo de Arquitectura Leopoldo Rother / Leopold Rother Museum of Architecture
Housed inside one of the architectural masterpieces of Colombia, designed by Leopold Rother in 1948, the museum presents exhibitions from its 8 permanent collections related to the history of Colombian architecture.  Special exhibits and conferences are also scheduled throughout the year.
Universidad Nacional
Enter from Avenida El Dorado
Carrera 30 No. 45 – 03
Tel.: 316.5000 ext. 12601

Museo Arqueologico Casa del Marques de San Jorge / Archeological Museum
Collection of archaeological material, with pre-Columbian ceramics of different pre-Hispanic cultures of Colombia such as Antioquia, Calima, Muisca, Guane, Nariño, Quimbaya, Tierradentro, San Agustin, Cauca, Tumaco, Sinu, Tairona and Tolima.  Also on display is a collection of Colonial Art, religious and domestic representation.
Carrera 6 No. 7 - 43
Tel.: 243 1048 – 2430465

Museo de Arte Contemporaneo – MAC / Museum of Contemporary Art*
Temporary exhibitions of Colombian and foreign artists. The works that constitute the wealth of the MAC take a look at contemporary art in Colombia since the early 1960's through a collection of over 1,000 pieces of art.
Carrera 74 No. 82A - 81
Tel.: 252.5890/ 291.6520 ext. 6545

Museo de Arte Colonial / Museum of Colonial Art*
The building was constructed in the early 17th Century, and is one of the oldest buildings in Bogota.  The Colonial art exhibition includes paintings, sculptures, wood carvings and everyday furniture, silverware and religious works.
Carrera 6 No. 9 – 77  
Tel.: 341.6017
Museo de Arte del Banco de la Republica / Banco de la Republica Art Museum*  
The permanent art collection of the Banco de la Republica has been displayed in the Biblioteca Luis Ángel Arango since 1957.  Entry is free.  Organized chronologically in 14 rooms, the visitor will see work from the 18th century to the present.   Colombian masters are the focus, with pieces by other Latin American and European artists.   This venue was also used for the exhibit “Andy Warhol: Mr. America.”
Calle 11 No. 4 – 21
Tel.: 343.1212 / 15 ext. 4113
Museo Art Deco / Art Deco Museum
An extensive collection of sculptures, paintings, household items and utensils from the Art Deco period in Europe, Colombia and the United States.
Calle 21 No. 5 – 59  
Tel.: 341.1855
Museo de Arte Erotico Americano / American Erotic Art Museum
A virtual exhibition space of erotiv art from the Americas
Museo de Artes Graficos de la Imprenta Nacional /
National Museum of Graphics and Printing Arts
The collection of 600 items includes manuscripts, metal and wood types, wood engravings, lithographic stones and presses from the 17th to the 20th centuries.  Also on exhibit is a replica of the press used by Antonio Nariño to print The Rights of Man and the Citizen in 1793, a mural painted by Luis Alberto Acuna illustrating the history of printing and many pieces of great historical value.
Diagonal 22 B No. 67 – 70
Tel.: 457.8000
Museo de Arte y Cultura Colsubsidio / Colsubsidio Museum of Art and Culture*
Created by Colsubsidio in 1968, this free museum’s mission is to bring the world’s masterpieces to a public that might not otherwise have an opportunity to view such art.  During the week, the museum offers classes and programming such as the free Cine Club on Tuesdays that presents showings of art related films. 
Calle 36 No. 5A-19
Tel.: 340.0770
Museo de Arte Moderno – MAMBO / Museum of Modern Art – MAMBO*   
Modern art exhibits (permanent and temporary), library, film series, workshops, conference center and cultural programming.
Calle 24 No. 6 - 00
Tel.: 286.0466


Museo de Arte - Universidad Nacional de Colombia / Art Museum at the National University

A collection of more than 2,000 pieces of modern and contemporary drawings, sculptures, paintings, ceramics and photos.  The museum has also created a Sculpture Park on the University campus.

Carrera 45 No. 26 – 85

Edificio Uriel Gutiérrez

Tel.: 316.5000

Museo Arqueológico Casa del Marquéz de San Jorge / Archeological Museum of the Casa del Marquéz de San Jorge
A collection of archeological materials from different Colombian cultures:  
Antioquia, Calima, Muisca, Guane, Nariño, Quimbaya, Tierradentro, San Agustín, Cauca, Tumaco, Sinú, Tairona, Tolima.
The museum also includes a collection of Colonial Art.
Carrera 6 No. 7 – 43
Tel.: 243.1048

Museo Bernardo Samper Sordo / Bernardo Samper Sordo Museum
Collection of pieces illustrating the development of public health in Colombia.
Instituto Nacional de Salud / National Institute of Health
Avenida Calle 26 No. 51 – 30 Block 1; First Floor
Tel.: 220.7700

Museo de Bogotá / Museum of Bogota
Through exhibitions and educational programming at three locations, the museum interprets and reflects the relationship of city inhabitants with the physical and social environments. 
Centro Cultural Planetario
Calle 26 No. 6 – 07
Tel.: 281.4150
Museo de Bogotá – Escenario del Instituto Distrital de Patrimonio Cultural*
Sede Principal Casa Sámano
Carrera 4 No. 10 – 18
Tel.: 352.1865
Museo de Bogotá - Salas ubicadas en el Archivo de Bogotá / Archive of Bogota
The keepr of Bogota's historical records, documents and photos.
Calle 5 No. 5 – 75
Tel.: 281.4150

Museo y Centro Cultural Casa Grau / Museum and Cultural Center Grau
A collection of work by Colombian master Grau, in addition to art from the pre-Columbian, Colonial and Republican periods.  Personal furnishings are also on display.
Calle 94 No. 7 – 48
Tel.: 610.7782

Museo del Chicó y Parque Infantil Mercedes Sierra de Pérez /
Chicó Museum and Mercedes Sierra de Pérez Children’s Park*
(NOTE: Chicó is an upscale neighborhood in Bogota, and has nothing to do with the common usage of "Chico," the word for “kid.”)
Mercedes Sierra de Pérez, the house’s last owner, donated the entire property to the City of Bogota.  There are approximately 1200 pieces of art and antiques from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries: oil paintings, wood carvings and gold polychrome miniatures, furniture, Bohemian crystal, mirrors, ceramics from the Netherlands, furnishings and utensils of great beauty.
Carrera 7 No. 93 – 01
Tel.: 623.1066
Museo de Ciencias Naturales - Universidad El Bosque /
Natural Science Museum – El Bosque University
More than 1500 pieces of flora and fauna from different zones of the country are on disply.
Carrera 7 B Bis No. 132 – 11
Tel.: 648.9000
Museo del Cobre / Copper Museum
Exhibit of more than 1,500 pieces of copper in addition to pieces of art and archeology, totaling over 3,000 objects.
Carrera 6 No. 14 – 38
Tel.: 243.6109

Museo de Lucha Libre
An homage to the famed Mexican style of wrestling and its extravagant costumes
Centro Comercial San Martín
Carrera Séptima No. 32 – 16

Museo de Muebles y Trajes / Costume and Furniture Museum
A small museum of the history of furniture and costume.
Calle 61 A No. 14 – 58
Tel.: 249.6283

Museo del Cuero / Leather Museum
The Leather Museum has six rooms that are divided by subject: the hides before industrialization, the tools used in the early twentieth century, leather, footwear and didactic.  The museum began with the exhibition "The craft of leather in the 40s," bringing together some tools of workshop of master leather Edelberto Perez Barrera (1905-1970), who worked in the Restrepo neighborhood.
Carrera 24 B No. 20 – 58
Tel.: 366.1085
Museo Casa Marqués de San Jorge / Marqués de San Jorge House Museum
Owned and administered by Banco Popular, which restored the house and converted into a museum, the main hall exhibits a collection of colonial artifacts, carvings, paintings and imagery. Ceramics, pottery and jewelry from several pre-Columbian Indian cultures are displayed in other rooms. The museum also showcases original murals from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries have been restored.
Carrera 6 No. 7 – 43  
Tel.: 282.0940
Museo Etnográfico - Instituto Caro y Cuervo / Ethnographic Museum
Objects used in everyday country life.
Km 24 Autopista Central de Norte
Tel.: 865.0374
Museo Francisco de Paula Santander /
Francisco de Paula Santander Museum
The hacienda of one of the great leaders of Colombian Independence.  On display are furnishings, clothing, personal objects and documents.
Carrera 7 No. 150-01
Tel.: 614.1555
Museo Gemológico / Gemological Museum
An exploration of the natural sciences, mineralogy, gemology, science and technology.
Calle 161 A No. 18 A, 3rd Floor
Tel.: 671.0069
Museo de Geografía y Cartografia / Geography and Cartography Museum
Exhibit of mapping equipment, paintings and watercolors.
Carrera 30 No. 48 – 51
Tel.: 369.4000
Museo Geológico Nacional José Royo y Gómez /
National Geological Museum José Royo y Gómez
Natural science, geology, mineralogy, rocks, paleontology and fossils of all ages from Colombia petrology and paleontology; 1:1 scale replicas of the skeletons of prehistoric animals found in national territory
Diagonal 53 No. 34 – 53
Tel. 220.0180

Museo de la Basura / Museum of Trash
Rethink what a museum is in one of the most uniques and perhaps exotic spaces in Latin America. The owner/curator has been collecting street trash for almost two decades with the mission of creating awareness about the environmental damage caused by mankind.
Calle 39 No. 26 A - 07
Monday - Saturday 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Museo Histórico de la Policía Nacional  / Museum of National Police History*
The history of the National Police; historical development, uniforms and over 400 weapons
Calle 9 No. 9 – 27
Museo Internacional de la Esmeraldas /
International Emerald Museum*
Enjoy the splendor of Colombian emeralds in a beautifully designed exhibit space
Calle 16 No. 6 - 66
Avianca Building; 23rd Floor
Tel.: 286.4268 / 283.1248
Museo Javeriano de Historia Natural Lorenzo Uribe /
Javeriano Natural History Museum of Lorenzo Uribe
An exhibit and archive of Colombian flora and fauna.
Carrera 7 No. 43 – 82
Tel.: 320.8320

Museo del Mar / Sea Museum
An exhibit of sea creature models, skeletons and fossils
Carrera 4 No. 22 – 61
Tel.: 242.7030 ext. 3140
Museo Militar de Colombia / Military Museum of Colombia*
The interior of this house that belonged to the family of one of the heroes of Colombian independence, Captain Antonio Ricaurte, was built in the late eighteenth century.  The main section was built from 1911 to 1913.  The house has been used by several organizations and governmental agencies.  On display are weapons, uniforms, models, and various elements that frame the historical and technical evolution of the National Army, the Navy and the Air Force.
Calle 10 No. 4 – 92

Museo Nacional de Colombia / National Museum of Colombia*
The Museo Nacional is a treasure trove of more than 28,000 pieces of Colombian art spanning the centuries to showcase work from the Muisca and Tayrona cultures, religious themed art from the time of the conquest, through the Colonial period, the Independence and the Republic.  The museum also houses an impressive array of paintings and sculptures from more contemporary artists.   
Dirección: Carrera 7 No. 28 - 66
Tel.: 381.6470
Museo Nacional de Suelos / National Museum of Soils
A study of soil samples from each region of Colombia
Carrera 30 No. 48 – 51
Tel.: 369.4000 – Call ahead
Museo de los Niños / Children’s Museum*
All visits to the Children’s Museum are guided, typically lasting three hours. One area has been designed especially for children under six years old. The other four areas are suitable for children of all ages. The CLUBHOUSE program is for children between 10 and 18 years old.  Part of the international network, Computer Clubhouse was founded under the auspices of the Media Lab at the University of MIT and the Boston Museum of Science and has been funded by Intel. The purpose is to promote artistic creativity using computer based tools.
Carrera 48 N° 63-97
Museo del Oro / Gold Museum*
View treasures from the pre-Columbian period and the largest collection of gold items in the world.   
Calle 16 No. 5 - 41
Tel. 343.2222
Museo de la Salle / La Salle Museum*
Scientific and educational exploration of Colombia’s natural resources.  The collections are the result of work done by the Christian Brothers for over 100 years, and it is administered by the Brothers Lasallian District of Bogota.
Universidad de la Salle
Carrera 2 No. 10 – 70

Museo del Siglo XIX / 19th Century Museum
History, art, household decoration, period furniture and clothing, an archive of customs and literature and a recreation of a period pharmacy.
Carrera 8 No. 7 – 93
Tel.: 282.1439
Museo Sociedad de Cirugia de Bogota Hospital /
Surgical Society Museum of the St. Joseph’s Hospital Bogota*
A collection of medical instruments and equipment that charts the advances of medical techniques and innovation.
Calle 10 No. 18 – 75
Museo Taurino / Bullfighting Museum
Objects related to bullfighting, such as costumes, capes, hats, flags, relics and sculptures.  There is also bullfighting library.
Carrera 6 No. 26 – 50, Door 4, Plaza de Toros de Santamaria
Tel.: 334.1628 ext. 18

Museo Taurino / Bullfighting Museum
A private collection of bullfighting photos, objects and memorabilia.
Carrera 16 No. 35 – 63
Tel.: 232.9611
Museo Temático del Deporte / Sports Museum
Take a trip through Bogota’s sports history at the top floor of the stadium
Estadio de Techo
Transversal 71 D No. 2 A – 26
Museo del Tequila / Tequila Museum
A sensory experience for aficionados with over 100 of the finest tequilas available to taste.
Carrera 13 A No. 86 A – 18
Tel.: 256.6614
Museo de Trajes Regionales / Regional Costume Museum
Traditional costumes from throughout Colombia.
Calle 10 No. 6 – 20
Tel.: 282.6531
Planetario de Bogotá / Bogota Planetarium*
Bogota Planetarium aims to strengthen the processes of knowledge, education and enjoyment, in particular, Astronomy, Astronautics, Space Sciences and related sciences. Enjoy exhibits, star gazing cultural and scientific programming.
Carrera 6 No. 26 – 07
Tel.: 334.4546 / 342.3171

Sala de Exposicion Arquelogica Nueva Esperanza
A stunning collection of artifacts from the Herrera
period of over 2,000 years ago
10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Sala Museo Literario Archivo Historico / Literary Museum’s Historical Archive
Instituto Caro y Cuervo / Caro y Cuervo Institute*
History, Literature, Monographs.  Objects from the lives of the most important poets, writers and intellectuals of the nineteenth century in Colombia.
Calle 10 No. 4 - 69
Tel.: 341.7104 / 342.2121
Taller de Encuadernacion
Ricardo Corazon de Papel
An intimate museum of antique printing presses and related materials inside of a custom book binding workshop. 
Calle 20 No. 3 - 29