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It’s (a) Happening



The new “International Art -n- Music Festival” Come Together juxtaposes work by 16 Canadian artists (two of whom are originally from Japan) with that of nine Colombian creatives, which gives rise to an interesting dialogue that goes beyond “North converges on South.”


The palpable exchange between iconic Bogota street art with glossy screen prints, pseudo-self-portratuture with photographic self-objectified erotica, painstakingly realized delicate ink drawings on wood with the blurred reality of urbanscapes, abstract video/sound installations and sculptural furniture and many other mediums could result in something of a Tower of Babel, but the exhibit has been so carefully curated and hung that there is a harmonic relationship between all of the pieces, and it is an experience that art lovers should take some time to see.  


Come Together was the brainchild of Canadian galleriest Ken Lum, owner of Ayden Gallery in Vancouver, who fell in love with Bogota some time ago and plugged into the vibrant artistic energy here. Along with co-curator Trenton Alling (a recent expat to Colombia), the pair conceptualized and realized the show with the intention of bringing select Canadian artists represented by Lum to different places around the world, and to “offer collectible art at affordable prices by our world class artists.” It is an impressive undertaking but one that may have been lost on most of those attending the opening event given the lack of information available.


We were fortunate to have had a pre-launch guided tour by Lum and Alling wherein they explained the show’s genesis and a bit about each of the artists. However, it would have been helpful if there was at least a brief catalogue or artist statements. Fortunately, the team was able to secure a space that appears to be custom-made for an event such as this; one that well lends itself to a large group show and flows so that the viewer can really take in each of the works. Hopefully this prime spot will one day be used as a permanent gallery but for now Come Together has infused it with the artistry from two continents, helping to close the cultural divide, and to open a world of possibilities.


Come Together

November 13 to 17

Carrera 14 A No. 83 – 53



Winner of VII Premio Louis Caballero to be Announced

On October 28, 2013, the winner of the VII Premio Louis Caballero will be announced. Selected by a jury made up of historian Carlos Uribe, curator Rodrigo Moura and artista Mario Opazo, the much-coveted prize which is named after the famed Colombian painter, is awarded to a Colombian emerging artist who is over 35 years old, but has been making art for at least 10 years.


Eight artists have been selected to exhibit their work simultaneously from October 5 to November 2 in various areas of Bogota:


José Alejandro Restrepo in the Casa del Teatro Nacional; Consuelo Gómez at the Plaza de Mercado de Las Cruces; Fredy Alzate in the Museo de Arquitectura Leopoldo Rother; Manuel Quintero in the Archivo de Bogotá; Mariana Varela at the Centro de Creación Textura; Carlos Castro in the Iglesia Museo Santa Clara; María Adelaida López at the Galería Santa Fe; and Sergio Giraldo in Museo de Arte Moderno.



Bogota is fortunate to have close to 200 art galleries and alternative arts spaces throughout the city.  The arts scene is thriving, and visitors are sure discover exciting work, whether it be traditional or contemporary, small paintings or vast installations, intimate portraits or sprawling landscapes, classic sculpture and sculpted sound. 


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