Bogota –Eco Tourism Capital




Of the many magical components to be found in Bogota, few might be as surprising as finding an eco-tourism haven alongside one the largest and most sophisticated cities in the world.  Only in Bogota can you attend a world-class theatre or opera event, and within an hour find yourself in a different climate perfect for paragliding, rock-climbing, rappelling, water skiing or river rafting –just to name a few of the non-stop, year-round activities. Similar activities that may sometimes be available in other cities such as Laussane, Tbilisi, Los Angeles or Denver, pale in comparison to what you will find in and around Bogota.


Within a 20 minute to two-hour drive from the city, you can find a hot, tropical weather location to explore, or a cold, panoramic altitude from which to start your adventure, where you can descend to virtually any type of topography or river imaginable.



The eco-tourism options in Bogota are not only innumerable, but of the best quality to be found anywhere in the world.  Commencing within the city limits, you will find the largest amount of marshes (called humedales) of any city in the world –all of which are beautifully protected by Bogota’s government.  These eco-tourism treasures offer ornithologists and other nature lovers an incomparable presentation of urban wildlife.  With over 4000 parks, Bogota is home to one of the world’s largest park-systems.  The crowning jewel in this network is the enormous Parque Metropolitano Simon Bolivar, a park so large and full of various venues and facilities that, at well over 400 hectares, it is much larger than New York’s Central Park (with its 341 hectares), and nearly double the size of London’s Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens combined.  


Parque Metropolitano Simon Bolivar contains several lakes, 16 kilometers of pathways, acoustic band-shells, amusement parks, a children’s park and museum, aquatic centers, a botanical garden and research center, one of the most beautiful (and large) libraries in the world, and countless sporting facilities –and almost all of it integrated with the world’s largest urban bicycle path system, Bogota’s famous “Cicloruta,” comprised of nearly 330 kilometers of dedicated bicycle paths throughout the city.


When exploring the outskirts of the city, one quickly discovers a region of enchanting eco-tourism destinations of singular beauty and majesty.   Starting with any of the five reservoirs that provide Bogota with its drinking water, considered by many to be perhaps the best potable water of any city in the world; Chingaza, Muña, Sisga, Tominé, Neusa and Guavío, then moving on to the breathtaking panoramas offered by the world’s largest high-altitude plateau, known in Spanish as Paramo, the Parque Nacional de Sumapaz, which contains rare flora and fauna that is unique to this altitude.   …And just think, this immense expanse of unrivaled terrain is actually located within the city’s limits!  –Where you will also find a dedicated eco-park called the Ecoparque Chinauta.


Paragliding, hang-gliding, white water rafting, any kind of climbing adventure, scuba diving and much more can be found just minutes from the city’s limits.  Colombians are world leaders in motor-cross racing and in-line skating, and Bogota offers some of the best venues and terrains in which to participate in these sports. 


Bogota Brilliance will soon present more detailed information about the wonderful ecological experience to be found in Bogota and its' environs.