Cultural Centers in Bogota


NOTE: When dialing from outside of Colombia, the country code is (57) and Bogota is (1)


Alianza Colombo Bulgara

Bulgarian language classes, cultural programming and trips.

(313) 471.9839



Alianza Colombo Francesa

French language classes, art exhibitions, libraries, film, concerts, theatre productions and networking events.

Carrera 3 No. 18 – 45

Tel.: 341.1348


Carrera 7 A No. 84 – 72

Tel.: 691.5684


Avenida 19 No. 134 A – 39

Tel.: 216.8898



Biblioteca Luis Angel Arango

Sponsored by Banco de la Republica, the library boasts monthly schedules of cultural programming such as concerts, film, lectures, seminars, exhibits and contests.

Calle 11 No. 4 – 14

Tel.: 343.1212



Casa de la Cultura Afrocolombiana

Offers a range of cultural programming, dance classes and performances.

Carrera 5 No. 26 – 54

Tel.: 336.7204


Casa Sin Fin

Exhibitions, classes, special cultural events

Calle 99 No. 11 B - 20


Centro Cultural Biblioteca Publica

Julio Mario Santo Domingo

Inaugurated on May 23, 2010, this center is the latest addition to Bogota's Mega Library system.  It houses a 1,300 seat theatre for music concerts and theatre festivals, a 300 seat studio theatre and an exhibition hall for paining, sculpture and other artistic exhibitions, green spaces for concerts and lectures and quiet contemplation.  The center is also fully wired, and offers meeting rooms with the latest video conferencing technology. 

Parque Zonal San Jose de Bavaria

Calle 170 between Carreras 59 and 64

Tel.: 655.1267



Centro Cultural Gabriel Garcia Marquez

“El Centro,” funded by Garcia Marquez and the Fondo de Cultura Economica de Mexico, was designed by famed Colombian architect Rogelio Salmona, to be a place of “encounter, happiness, enjoyment, surprise and meditation.”  The complex includes La libreria del Fondo Cultural Economico, one of the largest bookstores in Latin America (with more than 45,000 titles represented by more than 90,000 books for sale), an underground exhibition space used to showcase work by emerging and established international artists, an auditorium for concerts and lectures, a 40 seat media room, a classroom and a reception room.  A Juan Valdez café, with a large patio, is stationed on the basement level.

Calle 11 No. 5 – 60

Tel.: 283.2200


Centro Cultural Llenero

Teaching and performing the traditional music and dance of the Colombian plains called the Llanos.

Calle 62 No. 20-28



Centro Cultural Nuevo Mundo (Rosicrucian Order)

Calle 67 No. 6 - 41

Tel.: 248.1167



Colombo Americano

The main focus is on teaching English with some cultural programming.

Calle 19 No. 2 – 49

Tel.: 560.6066


Calle 110 No, 15 – 36

Tel.: 275.5052


CC Niza Bulevar

Local 356

Tel.: 520.7888



Fundación Cultural Colombo China

Mandarin classes, traditional Chinese dance and music classes, courses in Tai Chi and Kung Fu, Acupuncture and cultural programming

Calle 71 No. 11-66




Fundación Gilberto Alzate Avendaño

One of the most important cultural institutions and libraries in Colombia, offering monthly schedule of concerts, lectures, film, exhibits, dance and theatre performances. 

Calle 10 No. 3 – 16

Tel.: 282.9491



Fundación Nichisei

Japanese Culture for Latin America

Calle 103 No. 21-76

Chico Navarra

483-0055 / 483-0066


Fundacion Santillana

Dedicated to promoting Colombian arts and culture 

Calle 80 No. 9 – 75

Tel.: 257.3300



Center of Exploration

Calle 10 A No. 10 A - 38

Tel.: 235.5198


Goethe Institut Bogota

German classes and cultural programming.

Avenida 39 No. 7 – 64

Tel.: 245.3252



Instituto de Cultural de Brasil Colombia (iBRACO)

Portuguese classes, Brazilian cultural offerings such as art exhibits, a library of books, films and music; and the annual Brazilian Carnaval in Bogota in February.

Carerra 9 No. 70A-11

Tel.: 211.5511


 La Revolucion de la Cuchara

Carrera 9 A No. 60 - 44

Tel.: 606.3483


La Fundacion Araya

Cultural programming, classes, creative opportunities rooted in Hip Hop and Urban life for youth

Avenida Caracas No. 39 - 50

Tel.: 805.0155   


Spracht Institut – Colombo Aleman

German classes and programming.

Carrera 7 No. 42-11

Tel.: 285-0364