Internet Cafes & Phones in Bogota


Internet cafes or services can be found throughout Bogota.  Most of these businesses have signs, or names that quickly identify their services.  Many of them are also papelerias that make photocopies and sell general office supplies.  Also, some internet providers are connected to Skype with microphones and earphones, if you want to connect that way.  And Microsoft Word and Excel are usually available.  Be sure to confirm the cost to use the computer, which is usually based on 15 minutes blocks of time.  If you need to print something ask, “puedo imprimir algo?”   


It is likely that where there is internet service there will also be phone cabins, however, not all of them offer international phone service.  Look for signs that say “llamadas” (calls) and “minutos” (minutes), and ask if they have “puedo acer una llamada a los estados unidos / canada / francia / ingleterra / etc.?”  The attendant may ask if the number is a cellular or “lino fijo” (hard line) as this can make a difference in the cost, and method of dialing.  Be sure to confirm the per-minute charge –some phone cabins have monitors that show the minutes ticking away and the cost accruing.   


You will also see many street vendors selling minutos, but these are usually only for local calls. 


NOTE: There are three major providers of cell phone service in Colombia.  It is important that you know which of these services you are calling (if calling a cell phone), as it may determine what phone you are told to use whether at a phone cabin or a minuto vendor:






Since there are so many internet and phone call providers in the city, Bogota Brilliance is confident that you will have no difficulty locating one.