Investing in Bogota


 February 16, 2011 was the first ever Colombia Day on the

New York Stock Exchange:


Given the current global economic crisis, it is heartening to find a nation such as Colombia which has such a well managed economy that Merrill Lynch and other financial institutions have consistently ranked Colombia as one of the top ten world economies to be better prepared to sustain the current economic downturn.


In fact, not a single bank failure has occurred in Colombia, and real estate values continue to strengthen, particularly in the dynamic Colombian capital, Bogota.  Recently, the New York Times published an article lauding the great real estate investment potential that Bogota has to offer.  


Additionally, in 2009 the World Bank’s Doing Business report ranked Colombia as having the second best business climate in Latin America (after Puerto Rico) –where in January 2010 the Industrial sector grew by 5.1%.  The same report also found that Colombia ranked 37th overall in their assessment of the business climate in 138 countries. 


Bogota Brilliance will soon elaborate further on why Bogota has been consistently ranked as one of the best cities in Latin America, if not the world in which to invest. 


For now, we invite our readers to learn further about this important aspect of Bogota by visiting our Business Capital section.  


NOTE:  Bogota Brilliance is a private, apolitical enterprise, created to help recalibrate the international perceptions of Bogota.