Our Mission




We are happy to announce that there is a magnificent city called Bogota, the enlightened capital of the Republic of Colombia, a country so beautiful, that it is too difficult here to accurately describe.   However, given the great misperception that has permeated the world about this great city and nation over many decades, Bogota Brilliance has embarked upon the mission of correcting this misperception once and for all.


Two New Yorkers (one of whom has also lived extensively in Paris) embarked upon finding a new city to call home, hoping to find a refuge from a world in apparent denouement, a city that could offer great culture, democracy, beauty, warm people, exciting business opportunities, a great climate, culinary treasures, ravishing nature, happiness on earth, and the startling result found was –Bogota.


Given the vast void of lucid information about a city as large and important as Bogota, Bogota Brilliance is obliged to present a more accurate overview of Bogota to the international community.  It is our perception that never before in the history of mankind, has such a magnificent city been as misunderstood or misrepresented to the world as Bogota has been.



Though Bogota, like every other large and ancient city has experienced its share of dark moments, the real truth and irony is that Bogota has actually weathered history far more peacefully than New York, Paris or London –cities that have experienced far more bloodshed in their histories.


Yes, most Bogotanos live peaceful, everyday lives, and despite any imperfections in Bogota’s well-worn patina, the city is actually an extraordinary and much-welcomed shock to the senses.


Cosmopolitan, green, progressive, with a gastronomic scene that is only eclipsed by the astonishing level of culture, Bogota will surprise any visitor.


It is important to point out at last, that Bogota, like the nation of Colombia, has been the victim of image assassination –with a disproportionate emphasis on reporting almost exclusively negative news events, with an irresponsible disregard for the valuable contributions that this city and nation have offered the world over many centuries.


The myopic reporting comes at a great cost, not only for Bogotanos and Colombians, but also for travelers who have stayed away from this incredible nation out of fear and ignorance.   It is a terrible loss to anyone who loves culture, appreciates kind and welcoming people, enjoys historical treasures, has an interest in progressive urban policies, or is intrigued by the idea that a metropolis can be at once a concrete jungle and a leader in eco-tourism. 


After all, has anyone stopped visiting New York because of the multiple and grave terrorist attacks?  …Or Madrid after the ETA train bombings?

And who stopped travelling to Paris when bombs were exploding throughout the city in garbage bins, or when hundreds of vehicles were being torched?  All of which were real events, rather than the perceived dangers which are too often associated with Bogota.


The incessant mission of Bogota Brilliance is to dispel once and for all any negative stereotypes about Bogota.  Whether you have only visited Bogota in passing, never visited at all, or even if you have not considered Bogota, world travelers deserve to give themselves a chance to discover why this city is so special. 


Like a well aged cognac, Bogota will only reveal herself to those who are open, progressive, appreciative and sensitive, but most of all, to those who aspire to experience the finest sensations which color the spectrum of life.





NOTE:  Bogota Brilliance is a private, apolitical enterprise, created to help recalibrate the international perceptions of Bogota.