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Bogota Brilliance is the first website or institution to count and list 80 museums in Bogota!


Few cities in the world offer such an extraordinary choice of museums as you will find in Bogota.  Encompassing centuries of historical documents and treasures; anthropological and geological sciences, classical, pre-Columbian, colonial, Republican, modern, avant garde, the unusual and the surprising, the erotic and the exotic, printmaking and leather-crafting, the world’s largest collection of miniature paintings, and of gold-art and artifacts, along with state of the art technological venues that transport visitors to the outer reaches of space, and the depths of the sea.  Bogota will have a museum for virtually every interest and taste.


On the last Sunday of every month during the event called Siga, esta su casa (Come in, this is your house), visitors are treated to free or reduced prices at over 30 museums throughout Bogota.  Participating venues are indicated by an asterisk (*) after the name in the listings.  Amongst the many treasures you will in Bogota’s museums are the works of international masters such as Picasso, Chagall, Manet, Braque, Renoir, in addition to the works of Colombian masters such as Obregon, Botero, Grau, Caballero and Negret, just to name some very few. 


Even if you are in Bogota just for a short visit, you are encouraged to take the time to explore at least one of the city’s museums, and to take home some of Colombia’s rich cultural and artistic heritage.




The MAMBO Turns 50!


Congratulations to the Museo de Arte Moderno de Bogotá (MAMBO) on its 50th Anniversary! 

Created from the vision of Marta Traba, the MAMBO has staged over 800 exhibits and has a permanent collection of 4300 pieces of Colombian and international art.  Works by Goya, Rodin, Miro sit alongside Colombian masters such as Alejandro Obregón, Fernando Botero, Édgar Negret, Eduardo Villamizar and Juan Antonio Rodas. Under the stewardship of Gloria Zea for the last 44 years, the MAMBO has of course had its critics, but it has also earned an international reputation for housing some of the most important art in Latin America.

To celebrate 50 years of the Museum, Zea has organized an exhibition that opened on February 28 and includes one hundred works divided into six chapters: the academy, modernism and the landscape, the history of photography, printmaking from the ‘60s; photorealistic drawings, and works of contemporary artists.

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