Bogota Neighborhoods


Delights of Usaquen

If you haven’t been to Usaquen lately, there is so much happening in that wonderful and historical district that you should really check it out! Here are some the hot places that you don’t want to miss:


Paseo de Cantores – Serving French-inspired classics like Onion Soup and Steak Bordelaise in a romantic and eclectically decorated setting. Perfect for a date.

Calle 120 A No. 5 – 61

Tel.: 612.9940


ArtTe – White, Blue, Red and Black loose-leaf teas from carefully sourced and selected China and Japan, served in a relaxing and surprising space.

Tel.: 320.851.0653


More Local – Experience Colombia by taking tours that introduce you to the culture through encounters with local people and experiences that you might not have otherwise.


BakedByAna – Delectable homemade cupcakes, cookies and chocolates.

119 B No. 5 – 31

Tel.: 317.538.6379


It is definitely time to revisit Usaquen and discover its charms all over again.




Bogota’s street grid can be best compared to Manhattan’s (NYC), where Carreras (Avenues) run from north and south and Calles (Streets) run from east to west.  Be aware that occasionally major streets are also called Avenidas.  


Address numbers will then correspond to the nearby intersection’s latitude and longitude Calle or Carrera number.


For example, the address for the Teatro Libre de Bogota is:


Calle 13 Number 9 A – 65


…and the Museo el Chico is located at:


Carrera 7 A  Number 93 – 01


Bogota is divided into 20 localities –or  districts– each with its own Mayor and local government.   Collectively the localities make up over 1500 neighborhoods.  The north and northeast comprise the wealthier areas, while lower-income neighborhoods tend to be in the south and southeast.  The middle class lives in the central, western and northwestern sections of Bogota.  There are, of course, exceptions with pockets of one economic strata present in an area dominated by another.  See localities for more information.


Every neighborhood offers something interesting such as the type of commerce, a cultural center, a mega library, its historical significance, a special bakery or an unexpected arts biennale.  


 Bogota Brilliance will be providing informatio on specific neighborhoods, and more photos, soon.  In the meantime, please contact us should you need immediate information.