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Shake It Up! Taking Mixology to a Higher Level

What’s your type? Sweet, spicy, bitter, strong, fruity, acidic, hot, cold? No, not what you look for in a date, but in your cocktails? Whatever your tendency, master mixologist Andres Londoño has a recipe that will whet your whistle and turn your head. Bogota Brilliance visited Londoño at Jack Diamond, a swanky Deco-bedecked lounge, where he created the at once classic and contemporary cocktail menu.


While sampling the delicious concoctions, Londoño gave us some insight about his love for the art of crafting cocktails:


When did you discover your love for creating cocktails?

It all started in New York over 10 years ago when I worked as a waiter at an amazing Italian restaurant while I was in College and Acting school. At this place the bartender was also the one in charge of handling the money, and even though I didn’t know how to mix cocktails yet, my friends who owned the restaurant pressured me to learn and jump behind the bar with the excuse that they couldn’t trust anybody else. Naturally I fell in love with the whole thing


What is the most important thing to keep in mind when creating cocktails?

The first thing that I do before creating cocktails for a specific menu, is to study in depth the idiosyncrasy of the place, then I take into consideration the spirit and product trends geographically to better decide on drinks that both fit the bar and its location.


What is your background and what kind of consulting did you do for Wolfgang Puck?

I have worked every position behind the bar and have led bar staff in nightclubs, crafty bars, elegant restaurant bars and pubs in New York and Los Angeles. I have now consulted or developed 11 establishments both in Los Angeles and Bogota, ranging from bars, nightclubs, restaurants and hotels, to special international events working in collaboration with figures like Erwan Poudoulec (Director of Le cordon Bleu Madrid).


I have also consulted for Wolfgang Puck in 2014 in Los Angeles for his second oldest restaurant, which opened over 33 years ago, Chinois On Main. I created a new cocktail and bar menu, retrained the staff and redesigned all operations behind the bar.


Why was Jack Diamond chosen for the name / image of the bar?

Since the central theme for the club is the prohibition era in the 1920s and 30s, Jack Diamond gave us a fresh look at a key gangster in New York and Philadelphia in that era. Also he was a great dancer and his nickname “Legs” gave us the name to one of our signature cocktails.


Who decided on the concept for Jack Diamond?

One of our partner’s sister, who works the art for the menus, came up with the original idea and after that it was a collaboration.


How did you design the cocktails for Jack Diamond?

I decided to feature Bourbon since it was one of the main spirits bootleggers dealt with, but I also incorporated all other spirits in a very classical “crafty” way. I named some of the cocktails after important figures of this era, or terms used exclusively by these people back then.


What are some of your personal favorite cocktails on the menu?

I really like The Capone, it’s a lovely marriage between Scotch and Irish Whiskey with almond notes and a delicate slap of citrus. Another favorite is the Lucky Luciano, which features Aguardiente in a very unexpected way, designed for non-Aguardiente drinkers. From the classics, the Oldfashioned has always been on my top list, and the one we serve is the original recipe from 1805. They are all delicious and cater to a wide variety of tastes and moods.


How long did it take you to select and train the bar staff?

The selection process took close to 6 weeks. I had to be solid on the staff we were bringing behind the bar and it wasn’t an easy task. After seeing hundreds of applications and countless interviews/auditions we locked on 9 people who had to literally start boot camp 2 weeks before opening.


What makes Jack Diamond different than other cocktail bars in Bogota?

It’s a beautifully designed (Art Deco) two floor nightclub that holds 800 people comfortably with the highest quality sound, top security in the best party area of the city… and honestly some the best cocktails in town.


A Few of those “Best Cocktails” include:


Legs Diamond: Bourbon, Orange Juice, Lime, Ginger, Bitters and Red Bull

The Fox: Blackstrap Rum and Campari 

Mad Dog: Don Julio, Cucumber and Jalapeños

Capone: Scotch, Irish Whisky and Almond

Moll: Blackberries and Gin

Lucky Luciano: Aguardiente and Golden Berries. 

And 10 classics which include: Old Fashioned, Manhattan and the Moscow Mule

Prices range from $25.000 COP to $30.000 COP


Jack Diamond

Avenida Calle 82 No. 12 – 50

3rd Floor – Casino Luckia

Tel.: 315.501.4873